Welcome to the age of


Welcome to the age of Bioenergy

About Verdalia

We are here to rewrite the future by turning the green energy transition into a reality accessible to everyone.

Verdalia was born with one mission: to lead the European green energy transition.

We are doing it through our global commitment to a circular economy in which biomethane (and its derivatives) is the basis for a sustainable, lasting, real and accessible change.
100% green energy that we can use, leveraging all existing gas and energy infrastructures.

Pioneering excellence in biomethane and biofertilizer production.

Biomethane is an emerging renewable energy that has been gaining traction in recent years. True to our vision, Verdalia has made a far-reaching commitment to promote real change on the road to the energy transition. We push the boundaries of innovation in biomethane production to achieve the highest standards of excellence in sustainability, technology and processes, ensuring a continuous cycle of added value for all stakeholders: farmers, livestock breeders, the energy sector, public administrations, investors, and society at large.

Discover how we do it

Our values

  • European Quality Standards

    At Verdalia we are driven by the highest standards of quality, rigor and excellence, surpassing European regulatory standards. We recognize the importance of guaranteeing maximum reliability and safety. We relentlessly pursue industrial excellence, always paying meticulous attention to every detail. This commitment involves recruiting the best talent and integrating cutting-edge technology into all our operations and processes.

  • Long-term solutions

    Here at Verdalia we have the tools to be a real agent of change. We are decisive and efficient; we have a first-class management team and outstanding human resources. And, thanks to the support of Goldman Sachs, we have a financial capacity of €1 billion.

  • A positive circle

    At Verdalia we take pride of our work; we are here to stay, leaving the legacy of a new way of producing energy while creating sustainable, optimal and long-lasting projects. For us, acting now is as important as changing and improving tomorrow.
    That is why, beyond biomethane, we promote the circular economy by creating additional value with its derivatives: the production of biofertilizers and bioCO2.

  • Always Partners

    Above all, we are a trustworthy partner for our customers, farmers, livestock breeders and public administrations. We are at their service, helping them to meet the climate and energy challenges they face, proposing solutions to European policies on the management of the organic matter generated by agricultural and livestock activities , and in relation to fertilizers and soil protection.

  • Engineering innovation

    We thrive on constant innovation. We always think outside the box, putting technology, artificial intelligence, data management and machine learning at the core of our company, continuously improving our processes and our business model.
    For us, leadership and innovation are not just goals, they are a way of life.

Facts & RTB

  • 7 plants in Italy
  • €1 billion millions of euros
    in investments
  • Goldman Sachs Backed by Goldman Sachs, Asset Management a leading international investment fund.
  • 10 Presence across 10 Spanish Autonomous Communities
Facts & RTB

What we do

What is biomethane?

The biomethane we produce is obtained through the (oxygen-free) anaerobic digestion process of biodegradable organic raw materials.

In addition to reducing greenhouse emissions and fostering rural development by supporting agricultural professionals and livestock farmers, biomethane has the same characteristics as natural gas and is completely interchangeable, which means that it can be used in many different sectors such as transportation, agriculture and livestock:

It has multiple uses across sectors as diverse as transportation, industry, electricity generation and household consumption.

It can leverage existing energy infrastructures, lowering development costs.

It promotes Europe’s energy independence and local self-sufficiency.

  • Why we are

  • European Leadership

    Our mission has always been to provide a renewable alternative at both European and national levels. We are a group committed to achieving European energy independence and we adapt to the different local needs and their specific biodiversity.

  • Smart plants

    We have designed and built our first plants with artificial intelligence, data management and machine learning for the continuous improvement and optimization of processes, providing greater safety, traceability and high efficiency standards. Our vision encourages us to constantly innovate our processes and to promote state-of-the-art infrastructures.

  • Financial and business strength

    We will invest €1 billion in biomethane projects across Europe over the next four years; our high-level management team, led by Fernando Bergasa and Cristina Ávila, is backed by Goldman Sachs.

  • Purpose-driven

    Safeguarding the environment and protecting our future is in our DNA. That is why we are oriented towards long-term sustainability and act accordingly when making decisions. We are committed to achieving operational excellence and process optimization while actively promoting circular economy.

  • We champion the circular economy

    At Verdalia, we firmly believe in the power of the circular economy to solve the challenges we are currently facing. For this reason, we complement our biomethane offering with biofertilizers and bioCO2.


The European Commission has set the challenging goal of achieving a reduction in nutrient losses of at least 50 % by 2030, while, at the same, time is seeking to ensure that soil fertility does not deteriorate. Therefore, the use of fertilizers will be reduced by 20%.

In this context, the new EU regulation 2019/1009 lays the groundwork for shifting towards more efficient and sustainable agriculture by including the concept of biostimulants and limiting chemical fertilizers, mineral extraction or inorganic materials.

Biofertilizers are a clear response to this challenge and offer the following advantages:

  • Nutritionally designed.
  • Optimization of resources, which fosters circular economy.
  • Reduction of water pollution.
  • Reduction of odor nuisance when spread in the field.

If you wish to receive more information about our related products, please contact our team.


During the anaerobic digestion process, renewable CO2 with a neutral greenhouse effect is emitted, which in turn can be reintroduced into the agriculture and livestock sector, establishing a real circular economy.

Who is it for

We are your strategic partner to help you achieve your energy transition goals.

The road to the energy transition is a shared journey. Together we can achieve our mutual goal and build a better and lasting model.


We have the know-how and technology to guarantee the highest level of reliability in the market.


Add biomethane as a renewable source to your energy mix.


European common market, greater stability and supply and price independence from third countries.


We have the capacity to innovate and the agility to move quickly, placing at the forefront of energy transition. Join us in the change and make history with us.

Commitment & Impact

Side by side with farmers and livestock breeders

At Verdalia we offer a circular solution

We are living in times of great uncertainty: climate challenges and desertification, resource scarcity, global population growth, political conflicts, pollution… and all this directly affects the primary sector. As agents of change, we recognize our fundamental role in contributing to solutions for a transformation that cannot be accomplished alone.

We know that the challenge is complex. Only by understanding it in a systemic way we will be able to propose a global, effective and efficient solution.

At Verdalia we offer a circular solution

  • We contribute to the local economy, promoting the growth and prosperity of rural areas while keeping their essence alive.
  • We leverage and optimize resources, minimizing negative effects and maximizing positive impact.
  • We offer a real solution to the pressing challenges faced by farmers and livestock breeders: waste management and stricter European regulations.
  • We contribute to the sustainable development objectives set by the common European framework.
  • We offer bio alternatives (biomethane, biofertilizer and bio CO2) in line with new consumption and lifestyle trends.
Al lado de agricultores y ganaderos

Commitment & Impact

Connected to the local community

Preserving the environment involves protecting and promoting progress in rural areas.

We are committed to preserving the essence of the local environment in which we are located. Therefore, we always design our plants seeking to minimize their visual and olfactory impact, following a strict policy when choosing their location, keeping the plants away from urban centers, farms, protected areas and natural spaces.

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